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Bike Racks for
Willowdale Schools

Cycling is an important way to improve health, help the environment and reduce traffic in our neighbourhoods.


To help encourage more cycling to and from our local schools, John is offering bike racks to any TDSB or TCDSB schools in Willowdale who create a "bike to school" campaign in 2022. Campaigns might include e-mails, poster contests, bike parades, or other ideas from the school community.


To apply for bike racks at a local school, we need to hear from your school's parent council with the following information:


1. Name and contact information of a parent council member who will serve as the school's "bike to school" ambassador.


2. Name and contact information of the school's principal.


3. A description of the steps the parent council and school community will undertake to encourage more cycling to school in 2022.


4. The number of bike racks requested for the school.


Councils can complete this form to submit their application (BELOW).


The (new) application deadline is December 31, 2021. Installation is planned for May, 2022.


For more information please contact Councillor John Filion's office (416-395-4611, or email