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Condo Corner

Over the past two decades, Willowdale has transformed from a predominantly single-family neighbourhood to a bustling centre with plenty of multi-residential buildings lining the streets.  Condo residents now constitute close to 2/3 of my constituents and they deserve current and relevant information about condo living. Whether you presently live in a condo or are thinking about it buying or renting one, the links below are a good starting basis for gathering useful information on condo living.



Tarion Warranty Corporation is responsible for licensing all new home and condo builders in Ontario. It was established in 1976 to protect the rights of new home buyers.

Ministry of Consumer Services

Provides information on the types of condominium ownership in Ontario, and resources for new condo buyers.

Live Green Toronto “Apartment or Condo Dweller”

Live Green Toronto provides numerous links and opportunities for condo owners to live green.

The Federation of Metro Tenants’ Association

The Yonge Corridor Condominium Association

The voice of condo corporations in Toronto’s Condo Corridor (Yonge St. from 401 to Cummer & Kenneth to Beecroft) established in 2004, to unite the condo community and to get action on our shared needs and interests.