Gwendolen Park

The City of Toronto continues to invest in new recreational facilities, using funds generated through local development.


In consultation with the West Lansing Homeowners Association, Gwendolen Park was selected as a site for improvement.


During several community discussions, one of the core principles shared was the value of maintaining most of the existing field space.  For this reason, new features are being considered around the perimeter of the park.

Funding has been made available for one significant addition to the facility.  The primary option would be to establish a new court to the east of the existing tennis courts.  The new court could be for pickleball, basketball or a public tennis court.

Gwendolen Expansion.jpg

As an alternative to a sports area, the idea of replacing the existing playscape with a newer and larger play area has also been considered.

In addition to the primary option selected, additional seating areas have been a popular element of interest. A firepit with seating, a shaded seating area under a pergola, or a new picnic area are all options that have emerged through consultation.

Fire Pit.jpg

Finally, additional play areas have been a popular option.  These might include new outdoor games tables for ping-pong and/or chess, new elements to be added near the existing playscape, or a beach volleyball court.


An online survey  has been created for residents to share which of these options would be most appealing for a park in their neighbourhood overall, and which idea in each grouping would be the most desirable.


This survey will be active until November 30, 2021.


Please note that as Gwendolen Park is considered a local park without parking facilities, park features considered regional by the City of Toronto, such as off-leash areas, splash pads or artificial skating rinks were not considered in the scope of this project.