A Note from John

On August 17, I woke with an extreme case of double vision, quickly followed by an extremely  high temperature and very high blood pressure. This led me to Michael Garron Hospital, where I was admitted and sent for a battery of tests.  After more than a week I got the surprising result: West Nile Virus.

The more serious symptoms have subsided and I am now at home dealing with the main remaining one: extreme fatigue. While I regain my strength, my Chief of Staff Markus O’Brien Fehr, together with a very strong office team, will be dealing with any issues you need help with. I expect to be able to gradually return to the larger city-wide and community files. You can reach us at councillor_filion@toronto.ca

There are only a handful of West Nile cases in Toronto each year. The virus is spread by mosquitoes. It is a very random thing that the mosquito found me, but mine is a cautionary tale that you can’t be too careful about protecting yourself outdoors.

I am extremely grateful to the doctors at Michael Garron who were able to make the West Nile diagnosis because they kept testing for everything until they hit on the right one – even though the original symptoms did not entirely match.

Best wishes,