An Alternative to the OMB

As residents become increasingly frustrated that Planning decisions are made by the provincially-appointed, un-elected Ontario Municipal Board(OMB), the City is strongly considering its own appeals body for smaller local planning issues.

Provincial legislation allows us to appoint our own body to hear appeals of decisions of the Committee of Adjustment, a body which deals mostly with proposals to split lots and vary the city’s bylaws related to new homes. If a new “local appeals body” is set up by the city, it would replace the OMB for appeals of Committee of Adjustment decisions (but unfortunately not for large development applications, as the Province has not given us that authority).

If you share my concerns about the OMB – or if you have a different point of view – you are invited to express them at the North York consultation being held by the Planning Department on Monday, March 3, in the Council Chamber at the North York Civic Centre. The consultation gets underway at 6:45 PM with a 7:00 PM staff presentation followed by a Q&A period and a facilitated discussion about issues and opportunities involved in implementing a made-for Toronto Local Appeal Body.