ASE Cameras Ticket 416 in Willowdale

After three months of operation, Willowdale’s Automatic Speed Enforcement (ASE) cameras are still catching speeders. While the number of tickets issued dropped from 580 in the first month to 416 in the third, speeds aren’t dropping appreciably. Unfortunately, WIllowdale also has the dubious honour of catching the six biggest repeat offenders in the entire city, issuing them 6 tickets each so far.

The cameras have been moved from their old locations at Lillian St south of Abitibi Ave & Patricia Ave west of Homewood Ave to their new locations at Doris Ave north of Spring Garden and Church Ave just east of Doris. Enforcement has already begun and new signage has been posted at all new locations to warn drivers in advance.

The continued speeding at these locations still leaves some significant concerns. That is why our office is reaching out to Toronto Police to request them to follow up on these alarming statistics, especially because we are seeing so much repeat activity in the neighbourhood.