Back To School Update

by Alexander Brown – Chair, Toronto District School Board – Trustee for Willowdale

As we prepare to open our schools in September and welcome back students and staff, we are doing everything possible to ensure the health and safety of all school community members, while also providing the best academic experience possible for students, supporting mental health and well-being, and considering the needs of families and staff.

School starts on September 15, 2020. Grades will be staggered over the first week to safely reintroduce students to the building. More information will be delivered by your Principal closer to the start of school. For school contact information, please visit

The Ministry of Education has approved the TDSB’s plans for reopening schools in September 2020:

  1. Elementary students (including those in Special Education, French Immersion and Extended French programs) will return to school five days per week with one cohort for the full day and with enhanced health and safety measures in place, including smaller class sizes to help maximize physical distancing.

  2. Secondary students will have in-class learning on alternate days and synchronous (live, online learning) as well as asynchronous (independent work) daily with enhanced health measures in place including smaller class sizes to help maximize physical distancing. 

Students who choose not to attend school in person will be able to participate in remote learning (Virtual School). To learn more about Virtual School, you can follow the links below:

  1. Elementary Virtual Learning

  2. Secondary Virtual Learning

Following announcements by the Governments of Canada and Ontario on August 26, 2020, there may be further enhancements to the TDSB’s return to school plans, including smaller class sizes, additional caretakers, and additional technology. Staff are currently assessing the new funding to determine how it will impact the TDSB. 

For up to date information, please visit