Bogert Apartment Redevelopment Meeting

Virtual Community Meeting About Bogert Apartment Redevelopment

Monday, September 27, 2021, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

A few years ago the owners of the Bogert apartments (325 Bogert Avenue) applied to redevelop the property with several new residential towers, with some retail on Sheppard and a small number of townhouses. Subsequently, they appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board (now the Ontario Land Tribunal), a Provincially-appointed body.

This Tribunal - not your elected City Council - has final say over all Planning disputes in Ontario.

The applicant agreed to postpone a hearing date at the Tribunal to attempt to reach a settlement with the City. Subsequently, the applicant made changes which City Planning staff consider significant improvements over what was initially proposed. The applicant has now made a settlement offer which goes before City Council at its meeting which starts October 1.

John specified that a community meeting would need to be held before the matter went to Council, so that the neighbourhood could be fully informed of the latest proposal.

Should Council not accept the settlement offer, a hearing will be held by the Ontario Land Tribunal, a body with a history of supporting almost all developments, including ones to which the professional Planning staff, City Council and the community are all opposed.

Details of the proposal on which the offer to Council is based can be found here (LINKED)

The application calls for the demolition of seven of the ten existing rental blocks plus eight detached houses. 148 rental units would be retained and 269 replaced, in line with City requirements to protect all existing tenants.

A new City park would be built to the east of the site, and a large contribution would be made for community improvements and to create affordable housing.

To join the September 27th virtual meeting, contact Catherine LeBlanc-Miller in my office for the link and/or phone in information at or 416-395-0346.