Cameras Catch Speeders

Of those tickets, 38 drivers were repeat offenders, with one individual being ticketed 6 times over the two week period. The fastest speed recorded was a car going 85 km/h in a 40 km/h zone, which resulted in the driver being fined $670. Obviously, these statistics are a major concern. Some of these drivers should be losing their licences.

These cameras will stay where they are until the fall, when they will be rotated to other community safety zones. When that happens, we’ll let you know about the new locations. The purpose of the cameras is to change drivers’ behaviour; we’ll know they’re successful when people stop speeding.

Citywide, all 50 ASE cameras issued a total of 7,645 tickets during first two weeks of the program. During this period, the highest speed detected was 89 km/h on Renforth Drive near Lafferty Street, where the posted speed limit is 40 km/h. The camera on Renforth Drive also issued the highest fine at $718 and the most tickets at 890.