Checking in on Community Safety Issues

Of note to residents, the trend of high-end auto theft in the area continues to be an issue that police are dealing with. Sgt. Collin offered a number of tips to residents last month that were reported in this newsletter, and Willowdale residents should remain proactive in keeping vehicles safe.

Another topic we addressed was the ongoing issue of racing and vehicle noise along the Yonge Street Corridor and especially on Doris Avenue and Beecroft Road.  Police are very much aware of this issue, and continue with regular enforcement leading to multiple recent vehicle impoundments in the area.  Unfortunately, there are only two traffic enforcement officers attached to the local division, making this an ongoing challenge. We remain hopeful that 32 Division will be able to organize another blitz on this later this summer.  Residents can help make this a priority for the division by making an online report of neighbourhood traffic issues or concerns.

We have received periodic reports of other types of crime in recent weeks, however there have been no reported spikes in other types of criminal activity. Burglaries are reportedly down – though that is likely resulting from people being home a lot more often than normal.

For those interested in crime prevention tips, the Toronto Police Service offers a number of pamphlets available online from topics ranging from elder abuse and social isolation for seniors, to babysitting tips and advice on dealing with bullies.

John has also been addressing issues of speeding and noise with City transportation and bylaw enforcement staff.  We expect to have news coming on this topic shortly.