City Council Approves HousingTO Action Plan

The skyrocketing cost of Toronto real estate over the past few years has created a housing affordability crisis, especially in Willowdale.

In trying to address the variety of housing issues across the City, Toronto City Council recently approved HousingTO Action Plan 2020-2030, a 10-year strategy that looks to address a variety of housing issues, from homelessness and social housing to affordable rental housing and long-term care.

Implementing the estimated $23.4 billion plan will require investments from all three levels of government. The City will fund $8.5 billion, with a call to the federal and provincial governments to provide $14.9 billion.

The action plan includes 40,000 new affordable rental homes, with a minimum of 25% of new spaces dedicated to women and girls. The strategy also aims to improve housing affordability for 40,000 households and help 10,000 seniors stay in their homes or move to long-term care facilities. There is also a move to prevent evictions for low-income households. In total, the plan is estimated to help 341,000 Toronto households.

The plan features 76 action plans, including adopting a new program definition of affordable rental housing based on income and enhanced measures to prevent people from being evicted.

John hopes the HousingTO Action Plan will add more affordable housing units to Willowdale, making the community an inclusive place for everyone to live.