Community Based Crisis Response Survey

Toronto is looking to better respond to non-violent crisis calls, and is looking for your input.

Community-based crisis response provides an alternative to police attendance at mental health crisis and/or substance use related calls, wellness checks, and non-violent disputes between community members (like neighbourly disputes) among other incidents. It can take a number of different forms but generally involves sending staff with training and/or experience in mental health care, non-violent conflict resolution, harm reduction, and de-escalation of crisis situations rather than police.

The survey will be live until December 14, and asks residents for their insights and experiences accessing crisis and supportive services, staying safe in a crisis, community safety and future investments that would provide care or support to prevent people from falling into crisis.

Your participation is important, and it’s important that City staff hear from people in different neighbourhoods. We have received over 5,200 responses to the first survey on a community-based crisis response model, which will help staff identify priorities for this work including determining access to a community-based crisis response model, who responds, how personal information is used and a complaints process.

A summary of findings for both surveys will be posted to