Community Conversations about Parks Improvements and Road Safety with Councillor Filion

Community Conversations with Councillor Filion and Local Community Leaders!

Over the next month Councillor Filion is pleased to host a series of community conversations about two important, Willowdale-based topics:

  1. Parks Improvements

  2. Road Safety

Each conversation will focus on ways that these topics affect a specific geographic neighbourhood in Willowdale. The panelists are made up of community leaders in that neighbourhood so that each conversation will have a distinct local feel. A question and answer period for participants will be open at the end of each conversation.

To find out when a conversation is happening in your community you can see the list below.

Here are the LINKS for each Community Conversation:

Lansing-West Lansing @ 8pm on Nov. 11 – DONE!

Edithvale-West Willowdale @ 8pm on Nov. 12 – DONE!

North Willowdale with BCNA & Silverview @ 8pm on Nov. 19 – DONE!

Central-East Willowdale with Glendora & Avondale @ 8pm on Nov. 25 – DONE!

Yonge Condominium Corridor @ 8pm on Nov. 26

  1. If asked to provide a password then use: BabyYoda


Parks & Road Safety Improvements SURVEYS

If you want to fill out the surveys about the two topics then please go to these links:


And if you have any feedback you wish to send to Councillor Filion then please send his office an email:

Thanks for participating in the Community Conversations!