Cool Rinks, Warm Hearts

This year, Willowdale is home to four community outdoor skating rinks. The rinks are built and maintained by local volunteers so that members of their community can enjoy the outdoors and skate safely in their own neighbourhoods. With COVID-19 making everything more difficult this year, I want to extend a very special thanks to the volunteers who have built and maintained the rinks. We have happier, healthier, communities because of you.

If you want to enjoy the rinks yourself, you can find them at:

  1. Edithvale Community Centre: Near Finch Ave W & Edithvale Dr. – to the east of the Edithvale Community Centre.

  2. Parkview Park: Location: Near Parkview Ave & Estelle Ave.

  3. Caswell Park: Near Caswell Dr & Toffoli Pl.

  4. Glendora Park: Near Glendora Ave & Anndale Dr.

Unfortunately, we have received complaints of skaters breaking the rules of the rinks. To keep them open, they need to be used safely, and in accordance with the City’s rules. As a reminder, due to COVID-19 the following rules are in place:

  1. No hockey is permitted on rinks,

  2. Physical distancing must be adhered to,

  3. All skaters must wear a mask,

  4. There is a 25-person limit for outdoor ice rinks, and

  5. Skaters should only skate with members of their household.

Blame COVID or blame me, but please, for the sake of our rinks, keep the shinny to mini-sticks in the basement.