Council Update from July

Last week's meeting of City Council included 262 items, many of them with major implications. Here's a brief summary of some of them:

  • Approved SafeTO, a community safety plan taking a broad and high-level look at ways to reduce harm, violence, victimization and community trauma by enhancing the City's ability to use preventative approaches.

  • Adopted the Net Zero Existing Buildings Strategy establishing a plan to retrofit and reduce carbon emissions from all existing buildings in the city to net zero by 2050 and update the Toronto Green Standard to achieve net zero emissions in new buildings by 2030.

  • Approved the renaming of Dundas Street in principal, and voted in favour of establishing a working group representing Black and Indigenous leaders, local BIAs and neighbourhood associations to discuss potential new names.

  • Reviewed the Ombudsman's report and recommendations on concerns about the City's uneven enforcement of rules in City parks during the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic when, for example, tickets were issued for sitting on a park bench.

  • Approved John's motion to ensure that the City is on top of effective measures to greatly reduce cyber-security threats.

  • Approved John's motion for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding a purchase of not-needed software licences as part of an unreported settlement with a software vendor.

  • Adopted a proposal to make it easier to have a natural garden while approving John's motion to have bylaw enforcement staff focus enforcement attention on properties where owners chronically allow prohibited weeds.

  • Called on the Government of Ontario to repeal its regulations permitting extended construction hours from 6 AM to 10 PM and revert to the City's noise bylaws governing construction work.

  • Called on staff to establish an unpermitted fireworks action plan to address the increase in illegal fireworks use since 2020.

  • Sent back for further review staff recommendations to postpone the start of yard waste collection until April (from March) and to require the use of kraft paper bags in place of plastic bins for yard waste collection.

  • Deferred until September a decision on whether to allow multi-tenant homes (rooming houses) in North York and other parts of the city where they are not currently permitted.