Cracking Down on Utility Companies

When construction crews are working in our neighbourhoods, residents expect efficient, high quality work, effective communication, and accountability if something goes wrong.  These are all important principals of customer service that should guide City contracts and third party companies doing work on City property.

In 2019, Rogers Communications began a multi-year project for the installation of fiber optic cables in Willowdale and across Toronto. Over the past several months, we have received a number of complaints regarding work being done on sidewalks and city streets in front of residential properties.  Construction notices were easily confused with promotional materials and didn’t have detailed information about the scope of work or the timeline. When asked, there didn’t seem to be any effective oversight by City departments.

That’s why this week, John moved a motion at City Council with the help of Councillor Shelley Carroll to direct City staff to develop strategies to ensure that we are effectively monitoring the work of third party companies doing work on City property.  We want to ensure that the City has resources to monitor the quality of the work, responsive communication between construction workers and property owners, and the ability for the City to revoke permits if someone isn’t following the rules.  Council supported this motion unanimously.

We will continue to meet with senior staff across a number of other City Departments to push for the best possible standards of customer service for residents who should correctly expect no less.