Crossing Signal Updates

Crossing signals play an important role in road safety as they provide a safe walking environment for pedestrians in hectic traffic areas.

John’s office continues to support initiatives to promote road safety. It has been a top priority for John as Willowdale experiences a surge in population growth and a construction boom.

Traffic Control Signals at Avondale Ave. and Bales Ave./Harrison Garden Blvd.

A number of residents have contacted John’s office to express concern about pedestrian safety at the intersection of Avondale Ave. and Bales Ave./Harrison Garden Blvd., which contains an all-way stop.

In response to these resident inquires, John met with staff at North York District Transportation Services to recommend that full traffic control signals be installed at the intersection. Following John’s advice, Transportation Services evaluated the intersection, which resulted in a study that said the area did not fully justify the installation of traffic control signals. However, Transportation Staff still recommended that the signals be installed, to prioritize safety, as per John’s initial request.

A report was then submitted to North York Community Council outlining Transportation Services recommendation to install traffic control signals at the intersection of Avondale Ave. and Bales Ave./Harrison Garden Blvd., and to remove the existing all-way stop sign.

The recommendation was adopted at the June North York Community Council (NYCC) meeting. The installation will be considered for 2020, subject to funding availability and competing priorities.

Signal Light for Crossing – Willowdale Avenue.

At the same June NYCC meeting, John presented a motion to request that City Council approve the removal of the existing pedestrian crossover from Willowdale Ave., immediately north of McKee Ave., and to authorize the installation of traffic control signals at the intersection of Willowdale Ave. at Church Ave.

The item, with John’s amendments, was approved by City Council.

Signal Light for crossing on Sheppard Ave. W between Beecroft Rd. and Senlac Rd.

John has been working closely with Transportation Services staff to establish a location and implement a method for pedestrian crossing on Sheppard Ave. between the intersections of Beecroft Rd. and Senlac Rd.

Transportation Staff are currently in the process of reviewing the area, with the intention of bringing a report to the North York Community Council in the fall.

John considers this a priority item, as he feels that pedestrian safety must be improved on Sheppard Ave.