Cummer Station Axed

The Province has effectively cancelled the proposed subway station at Yonge and Cummer, depriving Willowdale of a major transit improvement and throwing Planning for that area into turmoil.

Rumours that Cummer would be the victim of cost-cutting surfaced last year; more recently, Metrolinx, the provincial transit agency, suggested that it would build only one of the planned stations at Cummer, Clark or Royal Orchard, along the extension of the Yonge line running north to Richmond Hill, something I had previously expressed concern about.

Last week's announcement focused on the selection of the Clark station and appeared to leave open the door to Cummer being added later. I'm not buying that.

For years, developers have sought and obtained approval for large development based on proximity to the long-promised station. Now we're stuck with the large buildings but not the subway they were based on.

More on this in a future newsletter.

- John