As resurfacing work on Yonge Street nears its end, residents will see elements of the City’s CurbTO program implemented between Sheppard and Finch. This is an opportunity to ensure a safer environment for pedestrians during the pandemic, and an opportunity to create a safer mainstreet ecosystem that supports local businesses and promotes active living.

CurbTO is a City wide program designed to re-purpose curb lanes adjacent to businesses to better support physical distancing. There are two main initiatives within this program:

  • Curb Lane Pedestrian Zones will provide overflow space for the public to line-up to enter an establishment while providing physical distancing space for other pedestrians using sidewalk facilities; and

  • Temporary Parking Pick-Up Zones will provide an opportunity for drivers and delivery agents to expedite food and medicine pick-ups by allowing them to temporarily park for up to 10 minutes in close proximity to the desired essential business in otherwise restricted parking areas.  Both initiatives will use signs to identify the temporary conditions.

If you see something that isn’t working or would like to make a recommendation on something that can be better implemented, please let us know.  We expect to be working closely on additional adjustments with City Transportation staff as elements of the City’s CafeTO program also come online.