Filion Pro-Am at Willowdale Lawn Bowling Club

On Tuesday, August 27, my office staff and I were invited to join a group of local constituents at the Willowdale Lawn Bowling Club for a couple hours of fun.  We titled the afternoon the Filion Pro-Am to fit the format.  One experienced club bowler was paired with another player who had never played the game before and pairs competed in a round robin tournament.  The session was not only very entertaining, but also gave all players an opportunity to get to know each other a little bit better.  Many of the first time bowlers thought that they would like to revisit the club for another game.

If you work with a local business or community group and may be interested in setting up an event as a community or team building opportunity, you can connect with the club through their website.  Individuals can also purchase an annual memberships to the club (good from May through October) for $125, or $40 for junior players under the age of 25.

A big thanks to all of the volunteers at the Club for giving their time for this introductory session for me and my team and for their ongoing efforts creating a tremendous social facility in the heart of our community.