From City Hall: Making High Density Neighbourhoods More Family Friendly

The City of Toronto has initiated a study entitled Growing Up: Planning for Children in New Vertical Communities. The study examines how new multi-unit housing in high-density communities can better accommodate the needs of households with children and youth. Undertaken by the City Planning division, the study will give direction on how new mid- and high-rise developments can better function for growing families. The study will look at how the condo unit, the building, and the neighbourhood can be improved to better suit a growing family.

Some examples of the issues that will be looked at as part of the study include condo unit size and layout, building amenities, the design of the public space around the building, and amenities in the surrounding neighbourhood.

As part of the first phase of the study, City Planning has launched public consultation activities that will provide insight into the experiences of families with children currently living in high-rise buildings.  An online survey, available at, will determine the most important elements that make raising children in higher density communities easier. Interviews and workshops with industry stakeholders (architects and developers) will be used to identify the design and market related challenges facing family friendly housing.

This work follows up on the 2014 Condominium Consultations and the Chief Planner’s Roundtable on Planning Cities for Families. More information about the 2014 consultations and the roundtable is available at and