From City Hall: Mayor Making Moves on Traffic & Transit

They dominated the recent mayoral and ward elections and remain some of the most critical issues facing our City and community.  Mayor Tory announced last week that he is making traffic on of the top priorities for his administration.  Highlighted in his announcement was:

  1. “Zero tolerance” for illegal parking on main roads during rush hour

  2. Better coordination of road closings and establishing higher fees for developers taking over lanes.

  3. Increasing the amount of traffic signal retiming work next year by 40%

  4. Increasing the number of traffic cameras to allow City staff to respond more quickly to issues.

Perhaps the most important solution for traffic remains improving public transit and encouraging more residents to leave their cars at home.  Council has also gotten the ball rolling on the SmartTrack plan passing a motion last week asking for an interim report to come back in the new year on an accelerated work plan and asking for engagement with the federal and provincial governments and other municipal councils in the GTHA.

For more information on the City’s current plans to reduce traffic congestion, see this post from the summer.