From City Hall: Traffic Congestion

Last month City staff identified Yonge/Sheppard and Bayview/Sheppard as the two most congested intersections in the City, outside of the downtown core.  Residents, of course, already knew this.  I am hopeful that the recognition of the problem will help lead to some creative solutions. Plans are already under way for better coordination of traffic signals to improve traffic flow.  Real improvement, however, requires infrastructure improvements such as the construction of a flyover ramp for vehicles travelling onto the eastbound 401 from southbound Yonge street.

At last week’s meeting, Council adopted two of my motions: one requiring a report from the Chief Planner and GM of Transportation Services on how the City can do a better job assessing the traffic impacts from new development, and the second looking at the amount of revenue the City takes in from new development and how this can be directed towards traffic solutions to alleviate the problems caused by new development.  Details on these motions are available on the City’s website.