From City Hall: Ward Redistribution on Hold

The population in our Ward 23 is now at about 100,000 – more than twice the size of some of the city’s 44 wards.  In addition to having more people, our ward also has far more development applications, new home construction, committee of adjustment applications and traffic problems than almost anywhere else in the city.  John’s office is committed to keeping up with all of it, but this is a situation that needs a long term fix.

Recently, the City’s Executive Committee deferred consideration of recommendations by a neutral consultant to even out ward population by shifting boundaries and adding three new councillors.  Unless Council takes action by the end of this year, it will be too late to implement changes in time for the 2018 election.

The City of Toronto Act requires 500 signatures on a petition in order to force Council to at least respond to a request to change boundaries.  Beginning this summer John will be circulating such a petition requesting that Council accept the impartial recommendations presented to it earlier this year.  If Council refuses to act on the petition any citizen who signs it is then able to appeal the matter to the Ontario Municipal Board.  If you are interested in helping get names for the petition, please contact the office.