Halloween safety tips from Toronto’s paramedics and firefighters

We’re all looking forward to a safe and happy Halloween this weekend. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to review the following safety tips before trick-or-treat activities on Saturday from Toronto Paramedic Services and Toronto Fire Services:

  1. Check costumes sizes to ensure a snug fit, with the costume no longer than ankle length.

  2. Consider makeup instead of a masks for a children. Masks can restrict vision and make it difficult to see approaching traffic.

  3. Wait for cars to come to a complete stop before starting to walk across the street at a stop sign, crosswalk or traffic light.

  4. Carry flashlights and attach a strip of reflective tape to costumes.

  5. Stay warm in layers of clothing – an extra layer under a costume will make a difference if a child is outside for an extended period. Place a hat and mitts in the bottom of your child’s treat bag in case they are needed.

  6. Plan a meeting spot in advance in case friends/family members who are out together become separated.

  7. Check treats for signs of tampering, or for candy that appears likely to be a potential choking hazard for your child.

  8. Keep lit pumpkins away from drapes, decorations or other flammable objects.

Happy Halloween!!