Helping with Property Standards

UPDATE:  Some bylaw officers who had been redeployed to enforce COVID-19 regulations are returning to their regular jobs this week – just in time to deal with a flood of complaints our office has received about long grass and weeds.

To report a case, please contact 3-1-1. If possible, include a photograph, which will help us respond faster. John met with city staff last week, who assured us that complaints would be followed up according to the following timelines: within two days of the complaint, a notice to the property owner will be issued, giving them 7 days from the point of the mailing to deal with the problem; if the situation is not resolved during that time, the City will send a crew to do the work with 72 hours, with the cost billed to the property owner.

If you make a complaint which is not resolved within that timeline, please let our office know.