Home Security

Following our recent piece on preventing auto theft, several residents asked about home security. Here are some tips from the Toronto Police Service to discourage break-ins: Doors

  • Locks in a doorknob are not reliable and can easily be forced. Ensure you have a good quality deadbolt lock and a security strike plate on the door frame.

  • Ensure your door is mounted so the hinges and bolts are on the inside.

  • Don't rely on chain locks – install a wide angle viewer on your door instead.

  • If you lose your keys, you should change your locks.


  • Good quality locks should be installed and used on all windows.

  • Double hung windows can be easily pried open. Consider drilling a hole and installing a double headed nail or pin lock. Multiple holes can be drilled to lock the window in a semi-open position (just don't leave it wide enough to allow a burglar to reach in and remove the pin).

  • Use curtains or blinds to make it more difficult to see what's inside your home.

Going Away

  • Inform a neighbour of your expected departure and return dates.

  • Where possible, cancel or redirect mail or shipments, or ask a neighbour to collect them for you.

  • Arrange to have your grass cut and walkways cleared.

  • Use timers to activate lights at various intervals.

  • Avoid posting vacation pictures on social media accounts until you have returned.

Additional tips

  • Use motion activated lights and cameras around your property, especially when away.

  • Keep entrances clear of obstruction from tall plants or bushes that may conceal entry.

  • Be careful about leaving garbage out that may provide information on recent purchases or chances for identity theft.

If you return home and discover that your home has been broken into, call police right away. Don’t touch anything or clean up until the police have arrived. In an emergency, dial 9-1-1. To report a crime that is not an emergency, dial 416-808-2222.

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