Improvements to Supportive Housing Project

Several changes have been made to the supportive housing project at 175 Cummer Avenue, resulting both from community input and multiple meetings I have had with City staff to improve the appearance and functioning of the modular housing project.

Community space within the building has more than doubled, as has the space available for community agencies to provide individual counselling to residents. I have also successfully pushed to have garbage collected and stored within the building, rather than in a separate building; the original proposal might have led to both visual and practical problems, especially for residents with limited mobility.

These changes have reduced the number of units from 64 to 59.

In addition, I have worked with the project architect to add more colour to the outside and will be adding public art to the exterior, likely in the form of a mural, after the building is constructed. By next week, I also hope to have finalized an improved Wheel-Trans drop-off and pick up area.

Finally, I am still working with City staff on the selection of tenants for the project. As city-funded assisted housing for seniors is located immediately to the south and with the City-operated Cummer Lodge long-term care home directly to the east, it seems to me like an excellent opportunity to provide a campus of facilities aimed at an older population.

The project will provide permanent apartment units for those wishing to exit homelessness. The site will be operated by a non-profit agency and will provide a range of supports for those looking to improve their lives.

A report on the proposal goes to the City’s Planning and Housing Committee on Thursday, May 20. To see a copy of the report, visit

I would like to thank all of the residents who offered positive suggestions for making this a better project.