Improving our Bike Network (UPDATED)

Update (June 2014):

At a community meeting held June 5, the vast majority of those in attendance supported a proposal to place bicycle lanes on Beecroft Road and Doris Avenue – without removing any lanes of traffic.  The proposal is a compromise solution.  The bike lanes can be accommodated by a slight narrowing of the existing automobile lanes so that vehicle capacity is not reduced.  This approach allows room for only single bike lanes – going northward on Doris and southward on Beecroft.  Traffic lanes will still operate in both directions on each street.

The placement of the lanes in this location greatly reduces the number of streets or driveway exists where cyclists and motorist would intersect, and allows easy access for cyclists in the adjacent neighbourhoods.  We will soon begin more detailed design work and plan the best east-west routes connecting Doris and Beecroft.  I expect the lanes to be in place by this time next year.  The City’s expansion of the multi-use trail through the hydro corridor east of Yonge is also almost completed and expected to open officially in August.

Update (May 2014):

A network of bicycle paths in our community would make it easier for residents to get around the neighborhood without relying on cars. It could also contribute to a small reduction in the number of cars driving through the community. I am proposing bike lanes along the edge of our service roads, on the east side of Doris and the west side of Beecroft. In order to avoid removing lanes, we are looking at one-way bike routes – north on Doris and south on Beecroft. Your thoughts and suggestions on this proposal are extremely important.  For this purpose I have arranged a community meeting on Thursday, June 5 at 7 PM at Earl Haig Secondary School (100 Princess Ave.)  I hope that you will consider joining us.

Original Post (March 2014):

Our area will soon see the addition of more interesting stores and restaurants as new developments are completed. People will choose to walk or bike to these locations rather than drive. We need to create functional bicycle routes that serve both those who live in the community and those travelling through it. Bicycle travel is healthy and environmentally friendly, and giving residents more reasons to leave their cars at home may help reduce traffic congestion. But above all it needs to be safe.

For several years I have been working with City staff to create bicycle routes along Beecroft Road and Doris Avenue. It would, of course, have been better if this had been thought of 25 years ago when the roads were being designed, but there may still be ways to accomplish something in the section already built and to design it properly in the area between Finch and Steeles.  These bike lanes would also connect with the new multi-use trail through the Hydro corridor.

I am hoping to have a proposal to take to the community this spring. To make sure you are notified about this meeting, please contact me at