John’s Update (April 14)

Dear Neighbours,

The most vulnerable among us should count on us to make sure they are being well looked after. We have fallen short.

The tragedy in numbers: as of April 14, of the 115 Covid deaths in Toronto, 68 lived in long-term care homes. But of course, these people aren’t numbers. They are our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and friends. They used to be our neighbours. They led happy and productive lives.

Before this is over, much will be said about what could have been done better. Today, the Province, which regulates long-term care homes, prohibited staff from working at more than one facility. Additional measures are to be announced tomorrow.

As individuals, what can we do? Continue to follow all the measures to stop the spread of the virus so that fewer people are infected, especially those with serious underlying health conditions, and so that the health care system isn’t overwhelmed.

And most of us can be more aware of any vulnerable neighbours. Help them get what they need, or make a donation to a non-profit that performs these services.

Today’s music video matches today’s situation. I’ve gone back to John Prine, who wrote “Hello in There” in 1971 when he was a young man. To listen, click here.