John’s Update (April 17)

Dear Neighbours,

As we edge closer to the day when we’ll likely record the highest number of daily COVID deaths, some take comfort from the notion that things can only get better. I also look for smaller signs of resilience.

I had a lovely email exchange with a local retirement home resident who reads these newsletters — Hi Jack. He let me know that although he is staying in his room, he feels safe and cared for and finds ways to exercise. He wondered how others, such as a baker at the Farmer’s Market, are coping.

The Willowdale Youth Council is proceeding with its first festival but moving it online and featuring a film they’re making on how local youth are coping with social isolation. Some residents have put together a guide for families who may want to do bird watching from yards or safely accessible open space.

And a group of community associations are continuing to hold the Province accountable for greatly reducing the amount developers pay towards new parks, child care centres and other services in Willowdale. For details, click here.

These are only a few snapshots we know about. If you have stories of adaptation, resilience or other good news stories, please pass them along so we can share these glimmers of light in dark times.

With the tragedies in long-term care homes across our city, governments are taking measures — some more belatedly than others — to better protect our most vulnerable.

Details can be found below.

And, for a very different type of music video to hopefully brighten your weekend, click here.