John’s Update (April 9)

Dear Neighbours,

If there’s something to be thankful for as a virus overtakes everyday life, it’s the new appreciation of the lives we owned little more than a month ago. Who knew we’d be longing for those good old days so soon?

How easy it was to take for granted the simplest of things: getting together with friends and family; walking children down to the playground; going to work; planning a holiday.

There’s a lesson here. This week, as we look forward to a future when we can again gather for a Passover or Easter meal, maybe it’s a time to reflect on the value of our lives right now.

Below you will find information on the places of worship that are streaming religious services so you can participate without leaving home. We’ve also updated our list of grocery stores that deliver and/or have special hours for seniors and others at greater risk.

We’ve also added some inspirational messages from local religious leaders. And I’m asking you to share your thoughts of what we can feel thankful for today. I’ll be sharing these in future newsletters and on my website.

I’m thankful for music. It gives me joy in the best of times and comfort in the worst. Today’s music video comes from John Prine, a writer of beautiful multi-layered songs who died this week from the virus. “Summer’s End” is a song he wrote and recorded in 2018, the year I saw him perform it at the Sony Centre. For the song, click here. To read a tribute to John Prine, click here.

Below you’ll find the latest news and messages from the city and other governments. Please continue to follow all the instructions that will keep you, and the rest of us, safe.

Happy Easter and chag sameach Pesach and Be Well,