John Speaks with PM Trudeau at City Hall

John was pleased to have a chance to speak with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on his recent visit to City Hall and congratulate him on his recent election.  It was the first time a sitting Prime Minister visited Toronto City Hall since 1998.

Along with most Torontonians, John sees a strong partnership with the Federal government as an important piece of reaching goals of improved public transit and social housing. It has been noted that in the United States, the largest 35 cities average 8% of their total revenue from the Federal government.  In Toronto, it is 2%.  This is a ratio that needs to change.

In 2015, the Liberals came to power in Ottawa on the strength of a platform emphasizing infrastructure spending in a number of key areas including public transit and social infrastructure.  This would be welcomed by municipalities across the country and was no doubt a key part of Mayor Tory’s sit down with the Prime Minister this week.

John will be watching the Federal Budget for more news on this front and looks forward to collaborating with new Willowdale M.P. Ali Ehsassi in any way possible to move this agenda forward.