Let's Talk Willowdale

Starting April 28, John and his team have been holding a series of special online town hall meetings - Let's Talk Willowdale - to discuss issues of concern for residents.

For those who couldn't attend, we recorded videos of the first three: our April 28 discussion of Racing and Noise, our May 2 talk on Affordable Housing, and our May 5 panel about Multiplex & New Housing Types. You can watch them all right here.

Let's Talk Willowdale: Racing and Noise

Let's Talk Willowdale: Affordable Housing

Let's Talk Willowdale: Multiplex Housing

By Markus O'Brien Fehr Chief of Staff A reader recently responded to John's newsletter with an excellent question: "What's going on with the reconstruction of Yonge Street?" It's true that there hasn'

North York celebrates its 100th birthday this year, and two week ago John put out a call to newsletter readers and website visitors, to send along reminiscences of their lives and times in the Townshi