Local Appeal Body (TLAB) Now Active

On May 3 the City of Toronto launched the Toronto Local Appeal Body (TLAB), to handle appeals of land use decisions from Committee of Adjustment hearings.  TLAB is an independent, quasi-judicial tribunal that replaces the function of the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). In doing so, the City hopes that the TLAB will make the appeal process more efficient, allowing citizens to make claims in person, by phone, or online through video conferencing. Most TLAB meetings will be held in the Toronto Public Library located at 40 Orchardview Boulevard.

TLAB is the result of a motion moved by John and adopted by Council in 2014.  Historically, the OMB has sided with builders more often than not, often overruling the wishes of the community, its elected officials and the City’s planning staff.  This has created many bad precedents that can impact other applications even several blocks away.  John’s hope is this new locally appointed body will objectively evaluate decisions according to the four tests contained in the Planning Act.

For more information about the Toronto Local Appeal Body please visit www.toronto.ca/tlab.