Local Parks Meetings Launch

What improvements would your local park most benefit from?  That’s the question I’ll be asking residents over the coming months.  New development in the area brings pressure to provide enough recreational opportunities for existing and new residents. Fortunately, I have been able to ensure that developers pay their fair share to solve this problem, mostly in the form of development charges and parks levies, and to have this money directed back into our community.

In the coming months, we’ll be seeking your advice on ways to improve our open space. We’ll be looking at short term and long term plans. In the immediate future, we’re looking at projects which can be done in the near future with available funds. For example, adding another outdoor ping pong table like the one that has been so popular at Mel Lastman Square, costs less than $10,000 and can be in place before next summer. Large projects require more time to plan and to secure funding, but by having these discussions now we can turn your ideas into reality for the future.

We’re also looking for a greater level of partnership with the community. Many of our favourite community gathering spots – Parkview Neighbourhood Garden, the Edithvale Bake Oven, our outdoor rinks – are only possible because local communities have embraced these initiatives and have worked closely with my office and with city parks and recreation staff.

The first of our meetings start this week and next.

Gwendolen Park & West Lansing Green Space presented with the West Lansing Homeowners Association and City of Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation staff Thursday, November 28 – 7 PM – Cameron Public School

Edithvale Park Presented with the Park People and City of Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation staff Monday, December 2 – 7 PM – Edithvale Community Centre

Watch for meetings around Glendora, Mitchell Field, Willowdale and Goulding  parks early in 2014.