Meeting on 175 Cummer – April 6th

The second formal community information meeting (in addition to several informal ones) for the proposed supportive housing at 175 Cummer Ave. will be held this coming Tuesday, April 6, at 7 pm. You can find more information about this project, including how to join the meeting at:

I have received many emails on the issue – with large numbers both in favour and opposed, with others seeking more information. I have tried to provide straightforward answer to all questions.  Unfortunately, many of the emails contained misinformation that seems to have been spread by other members of the community. All opinions are respected but concerns based on informed opinions are much easier to address.

For example, a large number of residents objected to the tight timelines for community consultation. They were right. As a result, I was able to extend the timelines by a month, so that the next report goes to the Planning and Housing Committee in May and to Council in June.

When members of  local faith communities asked me if there was enough space inside the building for residents to share a meal – either among themselves or with community groups offering to bring meals in – I was able to greatly increase that space. This resulted in 4 fewer units, so that the project will now house 60 residents.

I would encourage anyone with opinions that haven’t been expressed or questions that haven’t been answered to attend the April 6 meeting.