Mitchell Field Vaccination Site Opens Monday

For Willowdale residents, the greater eligibility coincides with the opening of a COVID vaccination clinic at Mitchell Field Community Centre (Church Ave., just east of Yonge) this Monday. My office has been working with city staff to make sure the opening runs as smoothly as possible.

If you have an appointment booked at Mitchell Field, please note the following:

  1. If you are able to walk or take transit, please do so

  2. Please do not arrive well ahead of schedule because this can create parking problems and a longer wait time than necessary. 15 minutes ahead of your appointment is recommended

  3. City staff will be there to assist those with mobility issues; chairs should be available for those who need to wait

  4. If arriving by car, city staff will direct you into the parking lot or, when it becomes full, to street parking adjacent to the centre

  5. Toronto Police Service will not be issuing tickets to those parked on streets alongside the centre – i.e. the west side of Dudley, north side of McKee or east side of Kenneth

  6. For those travelling from further away, shuttle buses will operate every 30 minutes from Finch subway station

  7. If you are the parent of a child at McKee Public School, please do not add to the traffic problems in the immediate area by driving your child to or from school, if at all possible

As of yesterday afternoon, Mitchell Field was heavily booked for next week but there were still many openings for the week starting April 5.

Things should go smoothly. My office will be monitoring the situation so that any unforeseen problems can be corrected quickly.