Navigating Issues Related to Party Houses

In recent months, we have seen a rise in short-term rental properties being used for events and parties in Willowdale.

Issues related to noise, garbage left on the property, and illegally parked vehicles are just some of the complaints that we have received.

Last year, the City proposed regulations to end Airbnb from listing entire homes for use. However, the room sharing service appealed those rules to the Ontario Municipal Board, now called the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT).

John met with various divisions (ML&S, Toronto Building, Fire Services) and Toronto Police in mid-July to discuss a comprehensive approach to these issues. Staff have committed to a joint effort to address identified problem residents in Ward 18.

In the event there are significant disturbances, here’s a helpful to-do list:

1) Report the issue to 311. Bylaw officers can be sent out to properties if trouble persists.

2) You can also call 416-808-3200, the local police division. The Community Response Unit at 32 Division is on notice regarding this address.

3) If you are comfortable, document with photo or video any activity that may be dangerous, or demonstrate a commercial use of the property. We’re told prosecutors often require eyewitness testimony from law enforcement to get charges to stick in court – so this documentation may or may not be helpful in the long run, but certainly doesn’t hurt.

4) Contact us – Make us aware of any issues you’re experiencing. We are maintaining a dialogue with ML&S and Toronto Police and will ensure your concerns are investigated.