New Full Size Community Centre for Willowdale

As Willowdale’s population increases rapidly, providing enough public facilities to meet the rising needs becomes a vital part of planning our community. Last month, we made a great stride forward on that as Council approved my plan to double the size of the community centre to be built as part of the development of the former Newtonbrook Plaza.

Prior to the last election, this area was represented by a different councillor who negotiated a community centre so small that city staff didn’t want to build it. But last year I was able to restart talks with the developer and, with their co-operation, double the size of the facility to more than 50,000 sq. ft. – approximately the same size as the highly-successful Edithvale Community Centre.

There will also be some new parkland adjacent to the new community centre.

As with Edithvale, we will be fully involving neighbourhood residents in the design of the new community centre. It will be several years until the building is designed, built and opened but, in our area, it is important to create a steady stream of new projects to serve us better.