New Signals Progressing on Yonge Subway

Good news for local TTC users that have been struggling with finding space on the Yonge subway line.  The recent closure of the line south of Bloor over the weekend of August 10 & 11 was part of a project that will upgrade the signals along the line.  Once fully upgraded, a modern signalling system will allow trains to run safely much closer together, increasing capacity of the line upwards of 25% and decreasing wait times.  This recent closure was the first phase of that upgrade that included temporarily disconnecting existing 60-year-old signals, followed by the testing of new equipment, then reinstating the existing system.  A full computerized signal system is scheduled to be implemented by 2018.  This is one of several projects either under way or being actively considered (such as Metrolinx’s proposed downtown relief line) that would dramatically improve subway service through our community and will be undoubtedly welcomed by local commuters.