‘Please Slow Down’ Signs Available

In the Fall of each year, Transportation Services has historically noted a significant increase in the number of pedestrian and cyclist collisions on our roads. With rising congestion on major arterial streets in our community, we continue to see more and more cars driving on “quiet” residential roads trying to bypass traffic making pedestrian safety a pressing local concern.

Transportation Services is undertaking a Fall Safety Awareness Campaign in order to bring the issue of pedestrian safety forward in the minds of our motorists. The campaign features a series of temporary “Please Slow Down” lawn signs that are available to members of the public free of charge.

The temporary signs should be placed on public property (between the curb and your property line).

John has been a strong supporter of this campaign and continues to work on a number of pedestrian safety initiatives in the ward.  If you are interested in picking up a sign from John’s office at the North York Civic Centre, please contact his office.