Priority Bus Lanes to be Debated at City Council

Next week, Council will consider a recommendation to install about 8.5kms of priority bus lanes on Eglinton Ave E, Kingston Rd and Morningside Ave. These lanes seek to create a more frequent, reliable, and faster transit service along the corridor by giving buses a route uninterrupted by other traffic.

While Eglinton Ave is the only route recommended for implementation this year, a report to the TTC board has also flagged Finch Ave E and Steeles Ave W as priorities to be looked at in “2022 and beyond.” Work in committee has ensured that the creation of future priority bus lanes would take place with the consultation of the local Councillor and also in the form of public meetings so that residents may engage in the discussion and offer feedback.

While John strongly supports new ways to support transit he is also concerned that congestion from the lane reduction could drive cars through neighbourhood streets. Before anything is finalized, we’ll be looking for a detailed analysis from Transportaion staff and comments from residents.

More information about the TTC’s Bus Lane Implementation plan, including ridership data, graphics and maps, can be found here.