Q&A: Visiting Parks During COVID-19 Outbreak

At this time, the park is not meant to be a destination like it used to be. People can walk/run there, get some exercise and then keep moving.

Amenities in parks are closed Park and ravine green spaces remain accessible, but all amenities within City parks are closed. If you are visiting a park space, please practice physical distancing. While in a park, residents must not use park amenities or congregate in groups. Dogs can be taken into park spaces on a leash.

The City can close a park or any part of it, in the interests of public safety. Closed City park amenities include: • Playgrounds • Sports fields • Basketball and tennis courts • Off-leash dog parks • Skateboard and BMX parks • Picnic areas • Outdoor exercise equipment • Greenhouses, nurseries and conservatories • Zoos and farms • Parking lots • Frisbee golf locations • Allotment and community gardens • Park washrooms/shelters

What about benches? A park bench is a place for temporary respite, not a place to linger. The City will no longer be issuing tickets to people using park benches. However, benches are not destinations where people should begin to congregate. Benches are not sanitized. People may unknowingly spread the virus by sneezing or touching the bench when the next person comes along, sits down and touches the bench.