Road Safety Town Hall Questions

Question 1

Are roads in your neighbourhood safe for pedestrians?

  1. All local roads are safe

  2. Local roads (residential) are not safe

  3. Arterial roads are not safe

  4. Both local and arterial roads, are not safe

Question 2

Should all students have sidewalks to travel on while walking to school?

  1. Always          B)  Only on busy roads                  C)  Not necessary

Question 3

Should the City of Toronto be encouraging more short distance trips to be taken on foot or by bicycle?

  1. A) Yes                        B) No

Question 4

How should the City of Toronto Prioritize future Vision Zero safety initiatives?

  1. Focus on residential neighbourhoods

  2. More safety measures on busy arterial roads

  3. More safety measures for seniors

  4. All of the above

Question 5

Should the Toronto Police Service Budget be increased to assign more uniformed officers to traffic enforcement?

  1. Increase the TPS budget for more traffic enforcement

  2. Redeploy officers to traffic enforcement within the existing budget

  3. Leave the system as it is

Question 6

Should the City be aggressively rolling out a radar safety camera program?

  1. Yes – on as many streets as possible

  2. Yes – but only in school zones

  3. No – I don’t support radar safety cameras

Question 7

Should the Province of Ontario allow deployment of more technology to enforce road safety?

  1. Yes        B)  Only in limited circumstances             C)  No

Question 8

The default limit on residential streets in Ontario is 50 kph.  Would you support lowering speed limits?

  1. To 30 kph on all residential roads

  2. To 40 kph on all residential roads and 30 kph in school zones

  3. To 40 kph on all residential roads

  4. Leave speed limits as they are

Question 9

Should there be more safe places to cross major streets in Willowdale?

  1. Yes              B)  No, more lights will only slow down traffic