See the Cherry Trees Blossom - In Person This Spring!

When it comes to the spring tradition of viewing the blooming cherry blossoms, Toronto's High Park gets all the press.

But there's no need to travel all that way to celebrate the definitive Toronto rite of spring later this month.

Edwards Gardens at 755 Lawrence Avenue East has a view of cherry trees in both the courtyard and ravine.

At York University, 4700 Keele Street, there are hundreds of cherry trees planted throughout the campus.

And the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre at 6 Garamond Court in North York has been nearly surrounded by cherry trees since 2002.

This spring will mark the first since 2019 that the City of Toronto is welcoming the public back to see the cherry blossoms up close and in person. The Sakura trees in High Park are still the most spectacular – and over the COVID-19 pandemic, the city kept people away, in 2020 closing the entire park and in 2021 fencing the cherry groves off.

For those two springs, the public had to settle for the Bloom Cam, which provided real-time 24/7 footage to experience the bloom from home.

The Bloom Cam is still on, and when the cherry blossoms are fully flowering – typically in late April or early May – it's not a bad way to get a look.

For more information, including locations, virtual tours and accessibility information, check out the City's cherry blossom web page:

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