Speed Cameras Issue 580 Tickets in Willowdale

Two new speed enforcement cameras in Willowdale have resulted in 580 tickets during their first four weeks of operation.

A total of 372 tickets were issues in the first two weeks. That dropped to 208 for the second two weeks – still an extremely unacceptable number but a slight improvement which shows that the cameras are at least partially meeting their intended purpose of getting people to slow down. Those who don’t face standard fines for speeding.

Both the highest recorded speed (85km in a 40 km zone) and the biggest repeat offender (6 tickets) were during the first two weeks.

The cameras are located on Lillian St south of Abitibi Ave & Patricia Ave west of Homewood Ave. Both locations are near schools.

These cameras will be rotated to other locations in the fall. When they are moved, I will be following up with Toronto Police to request more regular enforcement at these locations, where it is obviously needed.