The Future of Sheppard West & Bogert Apartments

The Lansing neighbourhoods (west of Yonge, on either side of Sheppard) continue to face extreme development pressure, with two major battles being decided by a provincially-appointed board.

Recently, a five-week hearing dealt with development along both sides of Sheppard, west of Yonge. Two years ago, the City had adopted a plan for Sheppard West which restricted development to the main street and limited heights to five and six storeys in most locations.  But a group of land speculators appealed the city’s plan and presented one of their own, with much larger buildings and development which intrudes into the existing neighbourhood.  It could be several months before we know whether it’s the City or a group of land speculators who get to decide our future.

Meanwhile, another lengthy hearing over redevelopment of the Bogert apartment site, at the west end of the West Lansing neighbourhood, has been postponed so that the City can consider a new proposal which significantly reduces the number of units.

John’s office will be working with neighbourhood residents to consider the new proposal.