Tips from Toronto Water

Some good tips this month from Toronto Water to both help our environment and save you money:

  1. Plan a water efficient garden using native plants.  Learn more here.

  2. Dirt on cars can contain toxic chemicals, heavy metals oil and grease.  Get environmental tips on washing your car.

  3. Did you know a leaky toilet can cost up to $600/month?  Learn how to save money in the bathroom

  4. Use that water bottle!  The average bottle fill-up with City tap water costs only 1/10 of a penny.  Learn more about your drinking water.

  5. Be cautious if solicited for a water test by door-to-door sales people.  The City does not do door-to-door sales or endorse products.  Learn more about what to do if you’re approached.  You can also learn about the City’s lead testing program for houses built before the mid 1950s.