Toronto Hydro Investing in Willowdale

In recent years, Willowdale has been experiencing more than its share of brownouts, resulting largely from aging hydro infrastructure and the pressure on this infrastructure as a result of the many new electricity users from the population increase in our community. My office has been in discussions with Toronto Hydro on a number of issues and has found the city-owned utility to be extremely responsive to our suggestions and concerns. At a meeting last week, Toronto Hydro advised me of this year’s plans to spend $3.2 million in Ward 23 to improve service reliability.

Funding for new infrastructure comes from one source – electricity users, and we’ve all noticed the impact on our bi-monthly bills. In future months, we’ll be working with Toronto Hydro to make residents more aware of steps they can take to reduce electricity use. That’s one way to help the environment and be kind to your bank balance at the same time.